I´m a studio ceramist living in a beautiful modern city Tallinn, Estonia. I create limited batches of plates, bowls, and vases, as well as some multiples and sets but also experimental one-off pieces. Because of this, there are often only one of each. 

I discovered my passion for clay world thanks to my mother-in-law Aino Saan who is well known ceramic artist and beloved art teacher in Estonia. Her works inspired me and I wanted to know and learn more. 

I love nordic, scandinavian but also modern and traditional Japanese style, simple organic forms and neutral colors. I love brush strokes on canvas, smell of real leather and wood, textures, simple patterns, imperfections. The surrounding nature, people, objects and emotions inspire and influence me greatly.

Each piece is designed and handmade by me personally. 

                                                                                       Photographer Katrin Press